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Tales of Bollywood

Territory: Europe including UK
(excluding Belgium & France)

Presented by:
BeMad Productions

A new Bollywood music and dance spectacular!
ZINDAGI - Tales of Bollywood, an exceptional live experience combining what's best about Bollywood films - with an impressive mix of dance, drama and music, captured in a show framed by a typical Bollywood love story.

A two-hour extravaganza with state of the art lighting, over 250 colorful costumes, some of the most famous soundtracks from both classic and recent Indian films, all performed by 18 dazzling dancers - an adventure into all that Bollywood has to offer!

A show about love and relationships, whilst the audience is transported into another world. Princes Menaka, from the heavenly Kingdom of Swargistan is about to take over the throne, but Raj a simple mortal (on Earth) captures her heart challenging Menaka's right to the throne and immortality. Raj must undertake seven tests, one for each of the promises that Indian weddings ask a bride and groom to take, but all around some of the most famous Bollywood movie themes. Defeating villains, surmounting obsticales, defying adversaries, raj and Menaka will have to resist, fight and dance their way out of every challenge. Will love conquer all? Will Raj prove that he is worthy and win Menaka's hand? Bollywood produces the highest numbers of movies in the world every year! With such a prolific industry, Bollywood productions have managed to captivate not only their own market by the whole globe! Millions of fans all over the world are fascinated by the sounds, dances and colourful costumes that are so exotic and different. But the true heart of Bollywood lies in the way they tell love stories like no other tradition and modernity both find their place, told in songs and mesmerising dance sequences!

A celebration of the senses, Zindagi - Tales of Bollywood will be the show event of the year!

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